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 "Lennox Enterprise" is an official distributor of the international company "Bekar Europe GmbH" and a supplier of technologies for renewable energy sources, produces new generation of solar photovoltaic modules, components, equipment, and offers full range of services related to development, implementation, production and maintenance of photovoltaic modules, as well as installation of a solar systems.

 Our mission is to create ideas that deepen and advance our understanding of renewable energy sources, as well as green and safe solutions through low-cost and efficient energy systems known as new energy technologies.

Together with our producers, we offer our customers a full range of high-quality photovoltaic modules, equipment, system installation and intellectual turnkey solutions. By cooperating with the leading manufacturers of equipment for solar photovoltaic components, we can quickly and flexibly respond to technological developments and market requirements.

Thanks to constant efforts in increasing the productivity of solar modules, as well as developing new products, Bekar is constantly reducing energy consumption from other sources. With a lot of innovation, we are trying to share the wealth of green energy with all people and create a clean world.


"Lennox Enterprise" also manufactures equipment and performs turnkey works for COMPLEX processing of municipal solid waste (MSW). Within such service the enterprise is brought to the design capacity and in the future is serviced by the company under a separate contract (if necessary).

Heat and electricity are produced from municipal solid waste with no emissions and no landfill is needed. The word "burning" is absent. Practically, it is a constantly operating thermal power plant.
The enterprise is autonomous, ecologically clean and does not require external energy sources. A combination with a greenhouse complex is also possible, depending on the owner's motivations.